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The MAS Exam

Mariusz Aktualności
The MAS exam for English groups will take place on the planned date available on the class schedule:
  • 2020-07-01 (Wednesday), 16:45
Students taking the exam should follow the assumptions:
  • During the entire exam, you must have an active session in Teams, with a live webcam stream,
  • All forms of communication with other people, getting up from the computer, browsing the Internet, using the phone, etc. are prohibited,
  • The exam is conducted on the Gakko platform (the Test module, Desing and analysis of information systems (MAS) - full-time studies course), to which you must log in before the exam,
  • The exam consists of two parts: test questions and an assignment with a diagram,
Failure to comply with the above rules may cause 2,0 grade.
We advise you to check the correct operation and logging in to the above systems.