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The senseGUI Library Release 2011-05-03


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The senseGUI Library Release 2011-05-03

The senseGUI library is able to automatically generate common business-oriented windows (GUI) for ordinary Java classes. It is achieved by using only simple annotations of the business source code. As a result, an application’s user is able to create, update or just see appropriate parts of the data model. Moreover, the current version of the library gives a programmer an easy way to internationalize the application’s interface, validate the input or create GUIs which are not connected to a formal model (a particular class). The simplest usage scenario requires only marking attributes or methods for which widgets should be created. It is also possible to define a more detailed description including different widgets for particular data items, the order of items, labels, etc. Contrary to many existing solutions, the proposal does not require complicated tools. The implemented prototype is dedicated for the Java language but could be easily ported to other languages like, for example, Microsoft C#.


2011-05-03 1. Some minor fixes

2008-07-20 1. Initial public release.