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The GCL Library

Have you ever had a problem with a GUI creation? Try the new GCL library for The Java Swing:

The GUI Creation Language (GCL) for the Java Swing

This is a sample GCL statement which produces the following frame (a person is an instance of a regular Java business class)

JFrame frame1 = create.frame.usingOnly(person);

Basic assumptions of the GCL:

  • works with ordinary Java classes. No specific inheritance or interfaces needed,
  • in the simplest case the library creates the form automatically based on the passed data (Java) instance without specifying any additional parameters,
  • wide customization possibilities using a dedicated syntax,
  • it is also possible to create a form without a data instance (Ad Hoc GUIs),
  • works with various types of Swing controls,
  • the controls allow editing and showing instances of the Java classes.
  • all fields could be automatically validated.

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